VLAD Jeans

-Custom handmade jeans tailored to your specifications by self-proclaimed “Jeanius” Vlado Pisch.

-When you come into the shop, and after you get over the shock of how beautiful it is, we discuss with you what type of jeans are ideal for you to have made. Every detail is up to you, including the cut, fit, length, rise etc., all the way down to the color of the thread and how many belt loops you want.

-You pick the denim you desire from our in-house stock. We offer the highest grade raw denim, including selvedge cuts and stretch denim. Should you have a specific denim in mind that we don’t have in stock, we can source it for you.

-Next is the fun part: having your measurements taken! Suddenly your waist size changes from 32 to 82…because Vlado uses the metric system for famous European accuracy.

-VLAD jeans are crafted to last in your wardrobe for a long time indeed. But in case you need, tweaks/repairs/alterations are included in the original cost of the jeans.

-Made one pair at a time in our shop (USA!), no assembly line here.

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